Six Ways to Make Church Visitors Feel Unwelcome

By March 27, 2017Church

It’s a scary thing to come into a new church.

You don’t know anybody, where anything is, or what the service or kids experience is going to be like.

These six things only make church visitors feel unwelcome, and they need to be corrected.

1.  Mismanaged Parking Lots
This is the first thing visitors encounter when coming into a church.  If your church is blessed with the “problem” of traffic problems, make sure it’s managed to the best of your ability.  The last thing a nervous visitor wants to do is sit in a line waiting for a spot.  Give your parking lot attendants matching bright clothing so that they can easily be spotted.

2.  Unclear Exterior Signage
Come at this like you’ve never been to your church before.  Which entrance is the most convenient to the kids facilities?  Which entrance leads into the lobby and worship center?  The amount of churches that have no directional signage is appalling.

3.  Who’s a Greeter?
These people are the face of your church to a first-time visitor.  They need to have servant hearts and an ability to communicate well.  It’s also a good idea to have them wear matching shirts or other identifying signs so that they can easily be spotted.

4.  Unclear Interior Signage
Like the external signage, this aspect is often horribly done or just completely ignored.  “Noah’s Ark” means nothing to a visitor, but “Preschool” or “High School” does.

5.  Dated Facilities
I know what you’re thinking.  “The first church didn’t even have a building,” you say.  Let’s just face it.  Papers taped to walls, ripped and stained carpet, and water stains just don’t make a good first impression.

6.  No Communication Strategy
Everything from print materials to websites to signage should have consistent branding and color schemes.  Make sure your bulletin only contains relevant and vital information and leave the rest to a pre-service loop or announcement video.  In addition, announcements should be kept at a minimum.  Announcing your upcoming men’s conference in the main service is a good idea.  Announcing that there’s a Weight Watchers meeting in the fellowship hall this Thursday is not.

These are just a few ways to make church visitors welcome participants in your services.  Feel free to sound off with some more in the comments below.

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