Gosh, This Communion Bread is Good

By March 5, 2017Church

I recently attended a church service where the bread served during communion was actual bread, not those styrofoam-like wafers that some churches use.  As in, this bread was a big piece of bread that people broke smaller pieces off of.  And boy was it good.  Soft yet chewy on the outside with a slightly sweet taste to it.  It made me wish all communion bread was like it.

Now, some of you reading this are appalled that this is what I was thinking about during communion.  But let’s face it; we’ve all been there, and we’ve all thought some of these things.

1)  Is this grape juice or wine?

This only happens when visiting a new church, since most churches serve the same thing every time they do communion.  But in a new church, it’s a scary moment.  Will this be slightly tart but mostly sweet grape juice or a cheap, clawing red wine?

2)  I hope that person isn’t sick.

This applies more to Catholic churches and some denominations that are fans of the communal cup, but it can apply to everyone else as well, especially if your church uses a big piece of bread like the example at the beginning.  Nothing gets your mind on God and the sacrifice of Jesus like the person next to you sneezing and wiping their nose just before handing you some bread.

3)  What do I do with this cup?

The several seconds just after communion is over is always a confusing experience thanks to that little plastic cup.  Some churches have a cute little hole in the seat in front of you that perfectly fits the cup.  But for those who don’t, you must quickly look for the best place to put it where it won’t get stepped on or sat on.

Bonus Points for Cup Towers

Most churches with individual communion cups use ones that are exactly the same.  This is a perfect opportunity to build cup towers with the collected cups once the service is over.  As a kid, we made a contest out of it.  Plus, we saw ourselves as cleaning the auditorium at the same time.  It’s a win-win right?

What other weird thoughts do you have during communion?

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