Way back in 1994, before the word “home computer” became a thing, I was born on October 25 in Jacksonville, Illinois.  From what my mother tells me, I was an almost perfect child.  I hardly ever cried or whined.  But as I learned to talk, I developed one fatal flaw: I couldn’t stop.  I’m told that when my sister was born and she began to talk, all she could get out was a whimper, because I would never shut up.  This continues to this day.

As a toddler, I was amazingly cute.  Just look at this photo.  In fact, one day I was being pushed through the mall in a stroller and a woman from Sears magazine stopped my mom and asked if she could take photos of me.  This turned into an hours-long affair that ended up with professional photos in a Sears magazine.  Why do you care about this?  You probably don’t, but I think it’s cool.


I spent a solid seven years of my life inside of an almost-windowless building on Jacksonville’s west side.  There, I met some of the people that shaped me and I still talk to today.  I was known as the kid who could fix anything related to technology.  Sometimes, if the media center aide couldn’t fix anything, my name would ring from the intercom speaker above the door in my sixth grade classroom.

A lover of geography, I was a part of Eisenhower Elementary’s Geography Bowl team.  To those of you not from Central Illinois, this is a major cultural event.  We won my fifth grade year.  In addition to this, I was a part of the basketball team, played soccer for the Jacksonville Area Soccer Association, and swam on the YMCA swim team.

When I “graduated” to Turner Junior High, I quickly joined the Scholastic Bowl team, when we got eighth in the state of Illinois my seventh grade year.  I was also a part of the Science Club and continued swimming for the YMCA.

At Jacksonville High School, I swam on the varsity swim team all four years and was on the high honor roll every semester of high school.  I won’t bore you with everything here.  Check out my resume to see everything.


Sometime in my senior year of high school, I made the decision to attend Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and major in Information Systems Management with the goal of becoming a technical or creative director for a large church.

At Belmont, I’ve been on the Dean’s list every semester so far and am heavily involved on the media teams with two very large churches in the area.  I’m excited to see what the future holds and look forward to what God has in store.